Life Pit Bull Law in Maryland Goes After Owners

Published on May 2nd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Maryland Court Rules: Pit Bulls Are “Inherently Dangerous”

Pit Bull Law in Maryland Goes After Owners

The Maryland Court of Appeals on Wednesday ruled that pit bull dogs are “inherently dangerous” a decision that could make it easier for pit bull and cross-bred pit owners to be held responsible for damanges if their dogs attack.

Following news of the verdict the Maryland SPCA voiced concern over the decision telling MSNBC:

“We believe that an animal’s behavior should be the determining factor in whether or not the animal is considered dangerous. We don’t believe that a particular breed should be pinpointed for that.”

The Maryland SPCA currently has three pit bulls in its care and the organization believes it may now be harder to find homes for those dogs because of the responsibility placed on the organizations owners.  The organization also worries that current pit bull owners may abandon their dogs for fear of future lawsuits that could cost them thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

This isn’t the first time pit bull laws have been enacted in the United States, even as owners who properly care for their Pit Bulls stand by the bread as a docile animal with no aggression when properly cared for.




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