Life Lost Parakeet Tells Police Officers Its Home Address

Published on May 3rd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Lost Parakeet Tells Stunned Police Officers Its Home Address

Lost Parakeet Tells Police Officers Its Home Address

A pet parakeet near Tokyo was returned to its owners this week after police performing a quick investigation received an address tip…from the bird!

The male parakeet escaped from its owners home on Sunday morning and stayed in the “wild” until eventually landing on the shoulder of a guest who was staying at a nearby hotel.

The hotel guest handed the parakeet over to local police enforcement but it refused to speak until Tuesday evening when it started saying the city and district names for its owner.

The male bird had escaped early Sunday morning from its owner’s home in the city of Sagamihara, west of Tokyo, and remained at large before perching on the shoulder of a guest staying in a nearby hotel.

While that information was quick remarkable it didn’t end their, the parakeet eventually gave out its full address shortly after it began talking.

It turns out the bird didn’t pick up its address by chance, another parakeet had escaped one other time and its 64-year-old owner was determined that if it happened again this bird would be returned.




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