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Published on May 7th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Jónófón: The Fold-It-Yourself Gramophone You Can Probably Live Without, But Why Would You?

Paper Gramophone - Do It Yourself

Jón Hólmgeirsson’s creation titled Jónófón is part papercraft, part steampunk and 100% cool. A design student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts the creator assembled his gramophone using flat cutouts of thin plywood for the base and thick paper for the horn. The only non-natural parts came from a needle and a power source.

Hólmgeirsson admits that the sound is a bit “raw” but that it also “colors” the music.”

The device is likely to be released, probably in small quantities however the creator has not given a release date at this time.

Speaking to Wired Hólmgeirsson says he didn’t at first know how gramaphones worked:

“I’m trying to communicate how the player works. And to be able to communicate that, I had to understand it first. So simple was the way to go.”

The entire device takes only 20 to 30 minutes to construct with music ready to play after that point.

Here’s a second picture of the device:

Paper Gramophone





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