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Published on May 7th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Mars Once Had Earth-Like Oceans, Study Finds

Mars With Water

During its earlier days Mars had a far denser atmosphere that allows for Earth-like oceans to exist on the planets surface. Professor Josef Dufek of Georgia Tech University examined data from the Mars rover Spirit and found that billions of years ago the planet’s atmosphere was up to 20 times more dense, making it the perfect place to harbor water.

Professor Dufek says of his groups findings:

“Our study is consistent with growing research that early Mars was at least a transiently watery world with a much denser atmosphere than we see today.”

To test their prediction the team examined a mark left by a flying Martian rock during a volcanic eruption nearly 3.5 billion years ago. According to LiveScience the team then judged the marks depth and found that it must have flown at less than 43 yards per second which would have required a for more dense Martian atmosphere.

This isn’t the first time the Mars Spirit rover has found the potential proof of Mars-based water, last year the rover found a light-colored rock that may hint at water on the planet.



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