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Capsules Of Powdered Human Baby Flesh Seized In South Korea

Apparently there is a booming business in South Korea of the sale of capsules containing powered human baby flesh.

Yes you read that right – powdered human baby flesh.

It seems that some hospitals are selling the dead babies, usually from abortions and stillbirths, to medicine companies who would then put the dead baby into a medical drying microwave, after which they would grind up the result into a powder and put it in a capsule.

Why would they do this you might ask.

Well it seems the pills are being sold as stamina enhancers and also some suggest that the pills are a panacea for disease, even though they couldn’t state which diseases.

Last August customs officials in South Korea had discovered 35 smuggling attempts that amounted to 17,450 capsules that smugglers were attempting to get out of the country.

While there has been no sicknesses reported due to people taking these pills some of the pills were found to contain super bacteria, that being bacteria that is highly resistant to antibiotics.

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