Tech Apple Market Cap Is Insane

Published on January 21st, 2012 | by James Johnson


Apple Is Now Worth More Than Greece, Continues To Grow

Apple Market Cap Is Insane

Apple on Thursday watched as its stock rose, sending the company’s value over the $400 billion valuation mark until midday when stocks fell slightly to a valuation of $398 billion.

While those numbers to our less “techie” users may mean nothing it’s a huge chunk of change when we realize that Apple in valuation is worth more than the entire Gross Domestic Product of some rather large countries including Greece, Austria, Argentina and South Africa.

The valuation and rise above Greece’s entire GDP showcases Apple’s increase in popularity around the world and demonstrated the struggles Greece has felt amid a financial meltdown.

While Apple is still worth $20 billion less than Exxon Mobile the company is still far ahead of it’s next closest competitor PetroChina which carries with it a $270 billion valuation. In the tech industry Microsoft follows behind with a valuation of $235 billion.

Even with huge profits and increasing market share Apple continues to grow, increasing in sales by 45% compared to 2010.

When you consider that Apple had a $10 billion market cap just 10 years ago the 35-year old company of late appears to be doing absolutely nothing wrong.

So there you have it the company that the iPod reinvigorated is now worth more than many well-known companies. Are you surprised by this finding?



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