Tech Facebook Buying 550 Million in Patents From AOL

Published on May 11th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Facebook Tests User Pay-For-Play Plan to Promote User Status Updates

Facebook Buying 550 Million in Patents From AOL

There’s always been debate over what is and isn’t good etiquette on sites like Facebook and Twitter- how much to share in regards to personal information or details about your social life (“Gotta go pee… my boyfriend is being cranky today…”), or how often friends may want to see updates from you cross their feed.

It’s pretty apparent that questions such as frequency and content of Facebook updates depend on many factors, but a new development from the social network seems to be, above all else, somewhat impolite. While entities and advertisers have been able to promote their goods and services in such a way that it “floats” to the top of the Facebook feed chain for quite some time, the service is now reportedly testing a service allowing users to pay for the same privilege.

In essence, it’s like going out to dinner with your friends and because you throw a few more bucks down on the tab, getting to cut across everyone else’s conversation whenever a thought springs into your head. Sure, we can all go back to the fact that Facebook is free and no one is forced to use it, but something about paying to have your status heard above all your other friends definitely seems a clear politeness violation of some sort, even if it can’t be directly pinpointed.

A spokesman confirmed to the BBC that the program to promote Facebook posts is indeed being tested, saying simply:

“We’re constantly testing new features across the site… This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friends.”

Costs to promote a personal Facebook status update on the service range from a few cents to about $2.50.



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