Tech Oracle Scores Small victory against Google

Published on May 14th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Oracle Wins Really Tiny Court Battle Against Google [Java Copyright]

Oracle Scores Small victory against Google

A judge on Friday helped Oracle score a very small victory against Google in its ongoing Java copyright lawsuit against the search giant.

Judge William Alsup ruled that Google infringed on Oracle’s copyrights by decompiling eight java files and them copying them in their entirety to the Google Android mobile OS.

A previous jury had ruled that Google had not infringed on Oracle copyrights by decompiling and the copying the files.

In an extensive brief filed last week Oracle claims that Google copied the eight decompiled files including source code in seven “” files and the one “ACL” file. Oracle in its brief noted that Google has never denied copying the files.

In his ruling Judge Alsup noted:

“No reasonable jury could find that this copying was de minimis.”

After acquiring Sun Microsystems in 2010 Oracle began a lengthy court battle against Google which has been broken up into copyright claims, patent claims and a separate lawsuit for damages.

In another recent small victory a jury decided that Google infringed in lifting nine other lines of Java code involving the and ComparableTimSort.Jav files.

Small victories will not make for the largest settlement possible for Oracle but they do help to lay the groundwork for biggest victories as the case continues to progress.

Do you think Google is guilty of copyright infringement?



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