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Published on May 15th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Fashion CFO Fired For Facebook Postings, Company Confirms

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Facebook firings are becoming a more reported phenomenon as we attempt to suss out what level of surveillance by employers via ostensibly open and even closed social media networks is acceptable both under existing laws and morally.

On one hand, one can make the argument that information posted to social networks is public, but on the other, there existed no feasible way to collect such information in the past prior to the time the services became ubiquitous. But it’s also unusual to see a high-level executive fall into the trap usually set for small time assistants and low-rung employees who complain on Twitter about their bosses’ coffee orders.

Fashion company Francesca’s Holdings Corporation took the unusual move of announcing the termination in a press release after a rapid-fire investigation that began Friday and concluded Monday with the firing announcement. In the release, board chair Greg Brenneman confirmed that Gene Morphis had been released from his position Monday after the investigation:

“Francesca’s has delivered consistent, high-quality results for customers and public investors. We are disappointed by this situation but we expect our executives to comply with all Company policies.”

The release continues:

“We acted immediately on Friday afternoon when we first became aware of the matter and have moved swiftly to replace Mr. Morphis based on the findings of the investigation. We appreciate Cindy stepping into the CFO role on an interim basis as we conduct a search for a permanent replacement.”

On news of the Facebook firing of Morphis, stock in Francesca’s was up 5% at the close of trading.



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