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Published on May 18th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Police Say Trayvon Martin Killing ‘Avoidable,’ Chilling Evidence Released by Prosecutors

trayvon martin zimmerman arrest

Although the Trayvon Martin case has settled to some degree since assailant George Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the unarmed Florida teen’s shooting death, interest in the trial remains high.

Aside from the fact that a man shot a teenager and would have walked free without a Scooby-like unmasking by social media and the subsequent attention given the injustice, perhaps what drove the Trayvon Martin case to such prominence was the fact that it seemed so freaking unnecessary, and there was no taking it back. A 17-year-old kid lay dead, an unchangeable fact, and it seemed plainly obvious that above all else, it didn’t even close to have to happen.

New evidence released in the Trayvon Martin murder trial reveals that even the police who neglected to arrest Zimmerman for shooting someone in the chest for no apparent reason believed the teen’s death was largely “avoidable,” and details the account from the girl who was on the phone with Martin at the time he was confronted.

According to the unidentified girl and USAToday, Martin grew winded from attempting to evade the strange man following him when he was confronted by Zimmerman. The paper says the girl reports that she urged Trayvon to run from Zimmerman before he caught up to the teen:

She said she then heard a man’s voice ask, “What are you doing around here?” She calls out, “Trayvon, what’s going on?” but he doesn’t answer. “I hear something like, ‘bawmp.’ … You could hear that somebody bumped Trayvon. Cuz I could hear the grass.”

The paper also indicates that in a two-month period in late 2011, Zimmerman made several calls to local police about suspicious persons in the neighborhood, and that all were young black males.



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