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Published on May 18th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Cancer-Stricken NY Judge Makes Impassioned Plea For Marijuana Legalization

judge medical marijuana brooklyn

In recent years, it has become painfully obvious that many chronic conditions would be greatly eased or helped by the use of medicinal marijuana (a non-addictive substance with far fewer side effects than, say, heavy painkillers or sleep aids), and Brooklyn judge Gustin Reichbach is sadly familiar with the frustration of a seriously effective treatment being seriously illegal.

Reichbach is currently battling cancer, and made a strong case in a New York Times op-ed to lawmakers imploring them to reconsider the politically undesirable issue of medical marijuana. The judge admits quite bravely in the piece to regularly puffing the magic dragon and credits the herb with being the only way he is able to keep food down and sleep through the ravages of cancer treatments- and while he suffers from one of the most serious cancers, pancreatic cancer, he says he hopes others will be able to legally obtain marijuana eventually through his advocacy.

In the editorial, the judge explains:

“Nausea and pain are constant companions. One struggles to eat enough to stave off the dramatic weight loss that is part of this disease. Eating, one of the great pleasures of life, has now become a daily battle, with each forkful a small victory. Every drug prescribed to treat one problem leads to one or two more drugs to offset its side effects.”

Reichbach continues:

“Pain medication leads to loss of appetite and constipation. Anti-nausea medication raises glucose levels, a serious problem for me with my pancreas so compromised. Sleep, which might bring respite from the miseries of the day, becomes increasingly elusive.”

The judge admits that being as Marinol, a substitute to smoked marijuana, was useless, friends supply him with the illegal substance despite the “personal risk.” You can read the entire missive over at the Times.



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