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Someone kills a Democratic Campaign Manager’s cat, writes “Liberal” on the body

I realize that politics in the United States is the most polarized it has ever been but seriously anyone who would intentionally kill the cat of a Democratic campaign manager is one of the slimiest, sickest, pieces of human fecal matter. However they weren’t just happy with killing the cat they also had to go one step further and write the word ‘Liberal’ on the side of the dead cat.

The image you see above is what awaited Jake Burris, the campaign manager of the Arkansas Democratic congressional candidate Ken Arden. From the Blue Arkansas story about this horrendous act

“Last night, Jake and his four kids had come back to their Russellville home. As they were getting out of the car, one of his children discovered their family cat dead on the front porch. One side of the animal’s head had been bashed in and an eyeball was hanging out of its socket. But there was something even more horrifying to be found on the corpse. Written across the animal’s fur in black marker was the word “LIBERAL“.”

Yes folks this was the children’s pet cat and they were also there when the cat was discovered by one of them.

I’d better leave it off here before I start writing words that shouldn’t be seen in print; but to whoever did this – you are one disgusting puke and a waste of humanity of which you obviously have none.

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