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Published on January 23rd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


This Guy Pays Like 1/10 of What You Pay For an Apartment in the West Village (NYC)

commerce street rent controlled apartment

If you live in New York, there are literally no other things that inspire as much envy as a rent-controlled apartment.

Those who live outside the five boroughs are familiar a little with the dynamic of clinging to rent-controlled apartments desperately, as the spacious pad Monica and Rachel shared in the Village on Friends is explained away as a rent-controlled apartment obtained by a bit of subterfuge. And while that was hard to watch, this real life version will leave your skin crawling with envy.

Yes, while you’re paying $2,200 for a studio in East Last-stop-on-the-F-Train-ville on the border of Queens and Brooklyn, this dude is paying less than $400 for a four-bedroom apartment on Commerce Street. Exposed brick. 1,220 feet. $332 a month. The New York Times interviewed the occupant, Arnold Warwick, and the comments section exploded in a seething pustule of rage. Warwick says what pretty much anyone else would say in that situation:

“I don’t plan on dying, because I don’t want to give up a rent-controlled apartment. I pay so little I’m almost embarrassed.”

Oh, bitch, come off it. If I paid $332 in rent for an apartment on that block that would be the only thing I would tell anyone ever in my life. Not everyone is as fearless as Warwick, though- another neighbor in a similar situation spoke anonymously, and said people are not very kind when they discover they’ve met someone with possession of one of the scant few rent-controlled apartments in Manhattan:

“I’ve had people actually get angry with me,” said one of Mr. Warwick’s neighbors, who declined to be identified by name and risk being chastised by strangers. She took over a rent-controlled lease from her parents, and she would not specify what she paid, except to say that it is under $400 a month.

“I’m an inheritor,” the tenant said recently by telephone, a slight quiver in her voice. “It’s not a very popular position these days.” And then, very politely, she ended the call.

Are you paying twenty times that for a Manhattan apartment or ten times it for something in Queens or Brooklyn?



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