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Published on May 25th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


One Million Moms Gets Collective Knickers in Wad Over Gay Superheros

one million moms gay superheros

One Million Moms is forging ahead with its quest to become the least politically relevant group in the US, this time moving away from previous high-profile target Ellen DeGeneres to strike out at another American favorite and currently popular entertainment mainstay, superheros.

Of course, mainly gay superheros. Still failing to understand that no one was ever made gay by anything other than being born gay, OMM is trying to rally its hateful troops to boycott comic makers they believe are promoting a gay lifestyle via comic books featuring newly gay characters.

In an online missive that reads like something someone shouts on a streetcorner in Times Square, One Million Moms implores:

“Children desire to be just like superheroes. Children mimic superhero actions and even dress up in costumes to resemble these characters as much as possible. Can you imagine little boys saying, “I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?” …This is ridiculous! Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models? They don’t but do want to [indoctrinate] impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light.”

The screed continues:

“These companies are heavily influencing our youth by using children’s superheroes to desensitize and brainwash them in thinking that a gay lifestyle choice is normal and desirable. As Christians, we know that homosexuality is a sin…”

Cynically, one might imagine One Million Moms is just trying to get its hate speech in the news as The Avengers continues to smash box office records. Think hate isn’t wholesome? You can join 1 Million Moms Against OMM on Facebook.



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