Life Today's Silly Political Uproar: Romney's iPhone App Misspells Amercia, Humor Ensues

Published on May 30th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Today’s Silly Political Uproar: Romney’s iPhone App Misspells Amercia, Humor Ensues

Today's Silly Political Uproar: Romney's iPhone App Misspells Amercia, Humor Ensues

While most of us are pretty use to lazy spelling when using the web it’s not generally considered a good idea to have spelling errors in apps that you want the public to use – kind of creates a bad impression about your company.

However it is even worse when the app is meant as a way for political parties, and people running for office, has a glaring spelling error to the point it becomes an instant Internet meme.

Such is the case with a new app from the Mitt Romney presidential campaign people called “With Mitt” that is meant to allow you to take photos with your smartphone, place cutesy text saying as overlays on the image, and then post it to the web for your friends to see.

The problem is that one of the overlays in this app misspells a rather important word – Amercia … err … America.

Within minutes of this hitting the web there was a new Tumblr site created specifically for sharing some of the more humorous images with this overlay being used.

Here’s a bit of a collection of some of the funnier ones that has been posted.


via VentureBeat / top image courtesy of VentureBeat



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