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A Real Life First Person Shooter – Target … Real Zombies [Video]

Wow, when Aussies decide to hop on a popular Internet meme they don’t fool around.

With all the attention being given to the coming zombie apocalypse, from video games to actual people eating other people and shrugging off bullets like they were mosquito bites, it was only a matter of time before someone would take the whole phenomena one step further.

It seems that down in Australia a group of enterprising Aussies have combined laser tag, technology, interactive role playing, and of course – zombies into a complete package called “Patient 0“, which is being billed as a real life first person shooter game.

The company, called I.R.L. Shooter, went the crowdsourcing route to raise the funds needed to get the project off the ground and according to Ben, David, and Drew; the guys behind the company and idea, they have already surpassed their goal of raising $10,000 – which they did in just 5 days (I just checked the fund-raising page and they are at $12,745 with 53 days to go).

They have already done a lot of work towards their first event by finding and dressing up the first location and putting together professional-produced ambient sounds. As well they have been doing some serious modifications to the custom designed M4 assault rifle replicas that includes custom electronics, software, and mesh-networking which will be feed into servers to help keep score, track health as well as ammunition, hits and misses of each player.

To increase the real-life aspect of the rifles they are also adding a 2″ speaker, an integrated solenoid mechanism and a LED so that they can reproduce the recoil, sound and muzzle flash of the rifles.

When it comes to the actual zombies that make up the game  they will be using live paid actors to create three types of zombies: generic mindless zombies, hero zombies, and even boss zombies.

The game will run each night of November – depending on demand – and will be story-driven with multiple levels. Tickets are reported to be $125 per person but if you pre-order now through the fundraising page at Pozible you can pick one up for $100.

Now for the bad news – these events are only available in Australia but the team says not to worry as they are working on a very large story arc that would mean having overseas events.


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