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Young Boy With No Memory Claims To have Lived In German Woods For Five Years

With his only memory being his first name Ray appeared at City Hall in Berlin Germany asking for help but there are some things about the young man and his story that raised more than few eyebrows.

According to the story that appeared originally in the Sydney Morning Herald Ray can’t remember his family name but he does remember his birthday as being June 20, 1994 and that he lived with his father in the woods for five years before he died in August.

The only other thing that he has told the police is:

Ray told police he had buried his father “in a hole in the forest underneath some stones” but, after “walking north for five days” to Berlin, could not explain how he had died or where authorities could find his body. […] Ray said his mother Doreen had died in a car accident, which he also did not remember, when he was 12 and that he assumed scars on his face were incurred in the crash.

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For the moment the police have placed the young man in a foster home while they attempt to discover his identity and who his parents were. According to the police they believe that Ray is between 16-20 years old and that he is five feet and 11 inches tall.

The Berlin police are putting out the usual call to the public in case anyone recognizes Ray, but I’tending towards calling this one a hoax. How about you?

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