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Published on June 22nd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Facebook Is Finally Letting Users Edit Comments, But You Can’t Hide What You Originally Said

Editing Facebook Comments

One of the most annoying Facebook problems is posting a comment and then realizing that you want to change something right after you posted your message or after someone points out a stupid mistake. Sure you can delete the comment and start over or copy and paste the comment, fix the issue and then delete the original comment but that’s all a bit tedious. Now Facebook is finally allowing users to edit their comments.

Starting on Thursday Facebook began rolling out the edit comment feature which works by allows users to hover over the “x” to the right of the article. As you can see in the photo shown above when hovering over the delete option you are now given the option to edit or delete each Facebook comment. For first time users of the new system Facebook is providing popup messages that describe what the new functions can accomplished when used.

Facebook has also decided to show the “full editing history” of each comment so new commenters still know what the users original comment said. This is a great way for users to see if you changed your comment after someone else commented on your post, thus allowing for the full “picture” to emerge while creating proper conversations.

Here’s a screen grab of a new Facebook edited comment. Notice how under the time of posting it now reads “edited” as a warning to users:

Facebook Editing

Click on the “Edited” wording and a popup is shown in which each of the comments edited for that entry are shown. Here’s an example:

Facebook Edit History Popup

In real life communication can not be taken back once it is heard or read by the receiving party, in this case Facebook allows you to edit a comment but if you want that comment to disappear and be fully replaced the good old fashion delete and redo steps is probably your best bet.



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