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Homeless In San Fran Caught On Video By Homeless Mo [Video]

Being homeless can be a soul-destroying way to live especially for those who find themselves living on the street because of our economic hard times, but as hard as it may be there are a lot of people living hand to mouth and surviving their hardships.

Unfortunately the rest of us, the lucky ones, have very little understanding of what it means to live like this, to live like a man in San Francisco by the name of Henry Moses Thirkfield who has been living on the streets for the past four, or so, years.

Henry recently met up with a gentleman by the name of Ryan Hupfer who loves to be able to give people he knows a camera and then has them document their lives and stories. When he met Henry he realized that he had a very unique opportunity to be able to give the homeless a voice through Henry.

Once Ryan got Henry setup with a flipcam he started uploading Henry’s videos of his life on the street under the name Homeless Mo, as well he set up a Facebook page for some of Homeless Mo (Henry) thoughts about being homeless and what it takes to survive.

At the moment Homeless Mo doesn’t have a reliable access to the Internet so Ryan acts as his proxy when it comes to posting but that is something that Ryan is hoping to change in the near future.

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