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Published on June 28th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Time-Lapse Footage Shows Massive Mural Celebrating Higgs Boson Particle

Large Haldron Collider

Scientists are still searching for the “God Particle” known as the Higgs boson and in tribute of that search a giant mural was erected in 2010 that features one artists rendition of what that particle might look like.

In celebration of the mural and a forthcoming July 4 announcement by the team at CERN a time-lapse video of that mural’s creation has been placed online.

The colorful mural according to its artist Josef Kristofoletti was a project:

“Inspired by the same questions that the physicists at CERN are trying to answer; where did we come from, what does it mean to be human, and what is our place in the universe.”

The mural was painted on the side of the ATLAS control room at CERN. ATLAS is one of the two main Higgs Boson searching experiments located at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.

Some experts believe the discovery of the theoretical particle could be announced on July 4. The Higgs Boson is an essential part of the Standard Model of physics.

Here’s the time-lapse footage:



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