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Have You Ever Seen Blue Whale Poop From An Airplane? [Video]

I think I am pretty safe in assuming that the last thing people think of when they watch a blue whale swimming through the ocean is how big their poop is, well thankfully I’m here to answer that unasked question for you.

Now considering that blue whales can grow to a humongous size, hell even the blue whale calves are 23 feet long at birth, one would have to think that something that size doesn’t shoot out rabbit pellets.

The image above is one taken by photographer Eddie Kisfaludy as he was flying off the coast of La Jolla, California, and that long orange looking streak in the water … well, that’s the whale poop.

Kisfaludy explains, “These blue whales were feeding off massive amounts of krill offshore San Diego this week. The whale poo is the same color as the krill they feed on, orange.”

via io9

This makes me glad of one thing – I sure am happy that whales don’t fly.



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