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Some Interesting, And Surprising, Factoids About A Day In The Life Of Twitter [Infographic]

People just love sifting through Twitter data, and other social media companies for that matter, to glean all kinds of information about them and their users, some interesting tidbits of info and some not so interesting.

Such is the case with this infographic from Dan Mayer and Diffbot Page Classifier about a day in the life of Twitter and the millions of messages that flow through it daily.

One of the surprising ones for me was the site who sat at the top of the pile of being a link source. While most of us would probably assume that it would be link-bait generating blogs like Mashable and Techcruch nothing could be further from the truth. In fact neither one of them made the list worldwide as that honor went to Indonesian site and then followed by the BBC site.

See any other factoids in the infographic that surprise you?

via Bit Rebels



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