Science Ever Wonder What Would Happen If A Human Fell Into A Volcano?

Published on September 12th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Ever Wonder What Would Happen If A Human Fell Into A Volcano? [Video]

Ever Wonder What Would Happen If A Human Fell Into A Volcano?

While this might not be high on your list of things to do there have been some scientists who have wondered just what would happen to a human body if it fell into a volcano and science photographer Richard Roscoe decided to find out.

Now to be clear there were no actual humans used in this experiment but rather a box of camp waste in a bin bag that weight approximately 30kg and thrown from a height of 80 meters into the Erta Ala volcano in Ethiopia, which is a low-elevation active volcano.

The question that Roscoe was seeking to answer was would a person immediately begin to sink or thrash around on the surface of the lava field in the volcano. As Roscoe said about the experiment:

The video shows that falling from a height, a person would be able to penetrate the crust of the lake and submerge in it. The test was performed with a box of camp waste (largely food rests) in a bin bag. Estimated weight 30kg, Size 60x60x60cm. Fall height, about 80m. The lake reacts with violent lava fountaining activity, presumably in part due to steam produced from the organic matter.

via io9

Here’s the video of the experiment in action:



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