Life Sarah Peck And Her $29,000 Naked Swim To Alcatraz

Published on September 15th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Sarah Peck And Her $29,000 Naked Swim To Alcatraz

Sarah Peck And Her $29,000 Naked Swim To Alcatraz

Now here is a hell of a challenge folks.

It seems that Sarah Peck has issued a challenge on the Charity: Water site that would see her swim in her birthday suit all the way to Alcatraz Island if donations to the challenge meet or exceed $29,000.

The idea came as a way to celebrate her 29th birthday (hence the 29 and birthday suit) and to try and raise money to bring clean water to third world communities in desperate need of clean drinking water.

From her own word on the page for the challenge:

Scott Harrison talked about the power of $5000 and how it can change an entire community of people’s lives forever: one source to clean water can mean all the difference.

For my 29th birthday, I’m hoping for a huge goal: I’m hoping to inspire 1000 people to donate just $29 to the cause. $29 for my birthday is the same amount as a fancy bottle of wine, or a few drinks at a bar, or a meal out with friends. So here’s what I’m asking: don’t buy me a present, but donate a little bit to this big dream of mine instead.

Put another way, I’ll need 290 people to donate $100.

I’m not sure if I can do it — it’s a crazy goal. So here’s some extra incentive: if 100 people donate $29, I’ll pitch in my own $1000 to the cause.

And if there are 1000 people who donate $29 (or we get to $29,000 some other way!!), I’m willing to do something crazy: I’ll swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco wearing nothing but my birthday suit.

If you want to donate more than $29, dude, I’m game if you are!

That’s right. Water, y’all.

As of this writing the donations stand at $18,840 of the needed $29,000.

Water Changes Everything. from charity: water on Vimeo.

via Sarah Peck and Alex Wilhelm on Twitter



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