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Vandals Going Around An Irish Town Gluing Doors Shut On Homes

This has to be one of the weirdest stories of vandalism that I have heard of in a while but it would seem that someone, or someones, is going around a housing estate in Letterkenny, County Donegal and using large amounts of glue to glue the doors of 25 homes shut.

John McGeever from Ballymacool Terrace believes that whoever was doing this must be using industrial strength glue, and then had this to say to the BBC

“Some people went out of their homes and couldn’t get back in again.

“Then some people realised when they were in they couldn’t get out.

“Whoever did this must have a lorry load of glue because it was running down the doors.

“When we got down to the local locksmiths he had to replace most of the locks because he said whatever way this glue was inserted it actually went into the springs in the doors.”

via BBC

Whoever did this had to be working fast because some of the people had just left their homes to do some shopping only to come home and find their doors glued shut. In another case one elderly lady found herself trapped inside her house when the vandals glued her door shut and rescuers had to break the back door glass in order for her to get out.

Apparently this run of 25 homes is in addition to 90 homes in another area as well as car doors and locks being glued as well.



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