Life Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Is A Real Thing And That's No Bull

Published on October 3rd, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Is A Real Thing And That’s No Bull [Video]

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Is A Real Thing And That's No Bull

I don’t even know where to start with this one but it seems that Wynkoop Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado, has decided that what was a funny April Fool’s Joke this past year should actually be turned into a real product.

On October 8th the company is going to be breaking open the first keg of what they call a brand new and unique beer called Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Now for the uninitiated the term “Rocky Mountain Oyster” actually refers to bull testicles – ya .. you read that right and now they are selling a beer made with them.

As we joked in the video, we really do love to make beer with uniquely local ingredients. Rocky Mountain Oysters (aka fried bull testicles) are arguably our state’s most popular local dish. They’ve also been enjoyed by humans for centuries. So they’re a dream-come-true ingredient for a Wynkoop beer.

The beer is made with Colorado-grown base malts, roasted barley, seven specialty malts (including special B and smoked malt) and Styrian Goldings hops. The beer gets a small dose of sea salt, too. “It gives the beer an extra layer of Rocky Mountain oyster flavor,” Brown notes, “and additional texture.”

The 8-barrel batch also included 25 pounds of bull testicles that were sliced by hand and then roasted (by Wynkoop sous chef Andrew Langlo) before being added to the beer’s mash.

And here’s the video that started it all.

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