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Marijuana Crop Worth $10 Million Discovered Growing In South Side Chicago

During a routine helicopter patrol this past Tuesday Officer Ed Graney, a Cook County Sheriff, discovered the city’s largest ever outdoor crop of marijuana.

The plants, some of which were over 10 feet tall, were discovered in the middle of some unused industrial land in the South Side area of the city. Officer Graney only really noticed what he thought was a half dozen plants but when the police went to investigate further they found more than a 1,000 plants.

“It’s surrounded by tall grass, and basically it’s a huge field you wouldn’t see anywhere but from the air,” Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy told reporters Wednesday. Police estimated the growing area to be about the size of two football fields.

Even Cook County Sheriff’s Officer Ed Graney admitted that luck played a big part in him spying the plants from 1,000 feet in the air.

“I may not have noticed it myself, except I happened to glance down at the right time,” Graney said.

via Sun Times

Police are currently investigating to see who owns the land as well as trying to track down the man – presumed to be a lookout – who fled when police arrived.



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