Life A Cocktail Mixed With Liquid Nitrogen Cause One Teen To Lose Her Stomach

Published on October 8th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


A Cocktail Mixed With Liquid Nitrogen Cause One Teen To Lose Her Stomach

A Cocktail Mixed With Liquid Nitrogen Cause One Teen To Lose Her Stomach

When it comes to mixing drinks I have seen a lot of different items being added to alcohol back when I was a bartender with the strangest one being whiskey (Canadian Rye) and milk, but with the most insulting one being Cutty Sark and Diet Coke.

What I never thought I would see is someone brain dead enough to suck back a cocktail that used liquid nitrogen and the mix; but apparently English teen Gabby Scanlon was convinced that this would be a great idea; well at least until they had to rush her to the hospital and remove her entire stomach.

This insanity started when Scanlon was out celebrating her 18th birthday along with some friends at a bar where she was convinced to try out a new type of drink that contained liquid nitrogen. After she finished sucking back the drink she began to complain about difficulties with her breathing and an extremely sharp pain in her stomach.

The problem occurred when the liquid nitrogen hit the stomach, where it quickly warmed and creates a large amount of air that in turn can rupture the stomach; which is what exactly happened in Scanlon’s case.

With her stomach unable to be saved the doctors performed a total gastrectomy which involved the total removal of the stomach and then connecting the esophagus tube directly to her small intestines. While this operation isn’t too life altering it does mean that she will need to eat smaller amounts of food and take vitamin supplements for the rest of her life.

Oh, and maybe be a little smarter about what fancy cocktails she decides to drink in the future.


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