Science Sky Farms No Longer Just A Concept As Singapore Opens First Commercial Vertical Farm

Published on October 25th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Sky Farms No Longer Just A Concept As Singapore Opens First Commercial Vertical Farm

One of the bigger concept we see talked about when it comes to urban planning and the future is the idea of having vertical farms that produce enough fresh produce for a more local area. We have seen all kinds of plans for this kind of thing but up until now this has remain mostly just that – plans.

In Singapore however this idea has moved beyond the planning stage into the very first commercial vertical farm in the country and is touting it as a way for the country to decrease its dependence on foreign food imports. Developed by Sky Green Farms the vertical farm consists of 120 aluminum towers that extend over 30 feet in height and in total is able to produce 0.5 tons of produce per day.

At this point the farm just grows three types of vegetables and can only be found at the local FairPrice Finest supermarkets. Interestingly enough the cost to consumers is 10 to 20 cents above the same vegetables from other sources but customers are apparently very enthusiastic over the produce as the markets are having a hard time keeping them in stock.

Sky Green Farms is hoping to expand the operation – to 300 towers – and provide up to 2 tons of vegetables per day and they also expect to be able to reduce the price of the vegetables as they ramp up their vertical farms.

via io9 / Channel News Asia



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