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Published on January 27th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Your Baby Totally Gets Physics [Study]

babies understand physics

Pretty much every person in the world thinks that their baby is totally a genius, and you as currently-not-a-baby-haver are obligated to kind of smile and nod and pretend that it’s possible for a baby- which has proven in studies not to know its tiny adorable ass from its cute little elbow- is some kind of a newborn genius because it like, stares at things. (Unless you currently have a baby, in which case your baby is really, really smart.)

But while babies seem to only understand cooing, puking, and coo/crying, a new study seems to suggest that your baby is actually a bit more intuitive about basic scientific concepts than you might think, according to a study. University of Missouri researcher Kristy van Marle contends that some basic scientific concepts are inborn, such as what she refers to as “intuitive physics.” This includes stuff like the difference between liquids and solids, as well as things like gravity.

In a press release, vanMerle discussed how these scientific knowledge building blocks can be built upon by parents to further a child’s educational foundation as they progress in age:

“Natural interaction with the child, such as talking to him/her, playing peek-a-boo, and allowing him/her to handle safe objects, is the best method for child development. Natural interaction with the parent and objects in the world give the child all the input that evolution has prepared the child to seek, accept and use to develop intuitive physics.”

Observations made by vanMerle include that by the age of ten months, babies can often discern how many people are in a room (roughly, we assume) as well as which of two containers holds more food.



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