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BBC’s 40 top predictions for the next 150 years

Human beings are incredibly curious beings and even as they seem to be doing everything that can to destroy our planet we have an insatiable curiosity about what the future will hold for us, especially when it comes to technology.

It would seem that the smart minds at BBC Future wonder the same things so they put together an interesting infographic containing 40 of their more interesting technological predictions of what could happen to our world over the next 150 years; and to make it even more interesting they ask the leading betting firm Ladbrokes to predict the odds of those predications coming true.

A couple of the closer predictions in the list are:

  • Pinterest will be bought by Google in 2013 – 2/1 odds
  • Facebook has been overtaken as the worlds largest social network by 2015 – even odds
  • High resolution bionic eyes will be on sale by 2020 – 5/4 odds
  • You can upload the contents of your brain to a computer by 2021 – 100/1 odds
  • The territory of the Moon is claimed by China 2025 – 5/1

Here’s the full infographic for you to peruse and place your bets on:


via Bit Rebels



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