Tech SSDs could see sales boost thanks to Windows 8

Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Steven Hodson


SSDs could see sales boost thanks to Windows 8

Ask anyone who has a solid state drive (SSD) in their desktop or laptop and they will talk non-stop about how great they are and how much of a difference the drive has made to their machine. Unfortunately two things have slowed a broad adoption of SDDs: small storage capacity and price to the consumer.

However as with all things tech both those factors can change very rapidly and such is the case with SSDs as we are starting to see much larger capacity drives coming to market and at the same time prices are dropping.

But any technology can use a helping hand and according to a new report from iSuppli it would seem that SSD sales may get a helping hand from Windows 8. In 2012 SSD shipments were at 39 million units but already it is suggested 2013 will see that number almost double to 83 million units and by 2016 could reach as high as 239 million units.

In regards to the Windows 8 effect iSuppli’s press release said this:

The newest wave of ultrabooks loaded with Windows 8 has started to generate enthusiasm, with the superthin computers likely to pick up more steam this year. Upcoming ultrabooks based on Intel Corp.’s Haswell microprocessor architecture also have the potential to catch on with consumers. These factors should boost SSD prospects this year.

iSuppli also noted that we can expect Flash memory prices to keep on going down, which of course will make SSDs more affordable to both PC makers and consumers.

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