Tech Federal Reserve Admits It Was Hacked By Anonymous

Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Steven Hodson


Federal Reserve Admits It Was Hacked By Anonymous

The hactivist group known as Anonymous has shown in the past that it isn’t afraid to go after the big names within the halls of power, and this Sunday they proved it once again when the group leaked over 4,000 profiles of the nation’s bankers.

The file; which Anonymous claimed to have hacked from the Federal Reserve, contains the names, address, hashed passwords, IP addresses, and other personal information of those bankers included in the list.

The Federal Reserve has admitted that they were successfully hacked, but none of the Reserve’s “critical functions” were impacted. They also said that the Reserve has sent out notices to all the affected people that confirmed the intrusion and that their data had been compromised.

According to the Federal Reserve the hack was accomplished by exploiting a temporary vulnerability is a web site vendor product; which they say has been fixed and should cause no more problems.

While it still remains to be seen if any attacks are taken against individual banks a senior information security consultant for financial institutions says that the hashed passwords included in the hacked list would be relatively easy for hackers to decrypt, which could leave individual bankers open to phishing and hacking attacks.

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