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Published on January 29th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Study Shows About 1% of Facebook Fans Engage With Brands

facebook and brands

Social media interaction is becoming ever more important for brands as users seek to find and interact with their favorite products on social networks in increasing numbers.

But while engagement on networks like Facebook and Twitter is becoming ever more sought out by brands large and small, it also seems that companies’ expectations for social media interactions may be a bit out of step with reality. AdAge has recently dug into the numbers, and it seems that only 1% of any given brand’s fans will interact with its account on average.

On paper, the stats almost look dire. Research done would suggest that interaction is minimal, and the site illustrates:

Researchers… looked at this metric as a proportion of overall fan growth of the top 200 brands on Facebook over a six-week period back in October and they found the percentage of People Talking About This to overall fans to be 1.3%. If you subtract new likes, which only requires a click and in the minds of the researchers are akin to TV ratings, and isolate for more engaged forms of interaction, you’re left within an even smaller number: 0.45%. That means less than half a percent of people who identify themselves as like a brand actually bother to create any content around it.

However, experts suggest that just because direct interaction isn’t always present, that doesn’t mean a hearty Facebook presence isn’t a great asset for brands looking to connect with fans on media other than TV and print. Have you found Facebook to be useful in connecting you with goods and services, or does it feel like more advertising than interaction when it comes to a marketing relationship? Have you used Facebook to connect with clients or customers to any degree of success?



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