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The Top 10 most pirated movies, so far anyway.

While everyone is still patting each other on the back over the failure of SOPA and PIPA others are gearing up to wage a battle against ACTA; but while all this is going on movies are still getting pirated and downloaded.

Now thanks to the folks at Meoble, using data provided by the great team at TorrentFreak have put together this informative infographic showing us the top 10 most illegally downloaded movies of all time.

One of the interesting things not mentioned but that I noticed when looking this infographic over is that every single one of these movies made their respective companies bucket loads of money. I mean they were all considered to be blockbusters raking in tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

There is absolutely no evidence that any of these movies was damaged financially by being downloaded illegally and in fact some have suggested that being available for download may have actually helped to increase the money made at the box office.

Anyway here’s the infographic to amuse yourselves with for a few minutes.

via Bit Rebels



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