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Published on January 31st, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras’ Family to Receive $2.37M For Web Pic Trauma

porsche girl nikki catsouras

The California Highway Patrol has agreed to pay the family of “Porsche Girl” Nikki Catsouras $2.37 million after it was deemed that the Orange County teen’s family was subjected to significant emotional distress following the leak of images taken at the scene of her grisly car accident death five years ago.

Porsche Girl pic searches have endured in the half decade since Catsouras took her father’s $150,000 Porsche Carrera out without permission, reportedly after an argument about the girl’s cocaine use. During her daytime drive, Catsouras clipped a Honda after reaching speeds of about 100 MPH before crashing into a tollbooth. The girl was killed instantly, nearly decapitated and images of the horrifying scene quickly became viral, earning the “Porsche Girl” moniker.

However, Catsouras’ father was a notable and successful real estate maven in Orange County, and the images soon began making their way to his inbox. The Catsouras family was repeatedly exposed to the gory pics of Catsouras’ corpse, although it was recommended after the accident that they not view their daughter’s mangled remains.

It was eventually determined that two CHP dispatchers leaked the “Porsche Girl” pics, and a spokeswoman for the agency confirmed that the family has settled the case:

“No amount of money can compensate for the pain the Catsouras family has suffered. We have reached a resolution with the family to save substantial costs of continued litigation and a jury trial. It is our hope that with this legal issue resolved, the Catsouras family can receive some closure.”

Originally, a judge ruled that the family was not entitled to damages, as there was no precedent regarding right to privacy and family members of deceased individuals.



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