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Published on February 1st, 2012 | by James Johnson


Man Buys Famous Pigeon For $328K, Sparks Outrage


A Chinese tycoon by the name of Hu Zhen Yu spent $328,000 this week at auction to procure a famous pigeon.

The Dutch bird is apparently a rock star in the world of pigeon racing, a popular sport in some parts of Europe.

Yu recently began persuing the sport of pigeon racing and simply had to have the bird which was sold by the Pipa auction company.

The new record for a pigeon beats last years top sale of  euro Diamond which sold for £142,000 in November.

A popular sport in Britain, Belgium, Holland and Germany, the purchase has sparked a furious protest by fans of the sport which until recently wasn’t considered a rich mans pursuit.

Fans of the sport in Europe are also upset to watch top birds leaving the country for China.

Would you like to watch pigeons race if you’ve never seen the sport before? If you have seen the sport what’s the big appeal?






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