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Published on February 3rd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Woody Harrelson Reddit AmA Goes Poorly, Redditors Displeased

woody harrelson reddit ama

Generally, Reddit AmA (Ask Me Anything) threads featuring celebrities go very positively, especially when Reddit heroes like Louis CK and Neil DeGrasse Tyson stop by and delight their fans- and it’s hard to think of many celebrities that would go over better with the weed-toking, zombie-loving Reddit community than Woody Harrelson.

However, it’s pretty clear Harrelson himself is not a subscriber to r/trees, or likely any other subreddit. While you’d expect a lot of softballing and love-festing, an attempted AMA by Harrelson earlier today actually managed to get Redditors pissed off, drove Harrelson off the site and left a bit of a PR mess behind for the star’s flak to manage.

The poorly-managed AMA seems to be a lesson in what works on Reddit- it appears that Harrelson managed to set off the site’s users by not interacting authentically, spouting promotional points, and treating the venue like a talk show on which he could flog his new film Rampart. Indeed, Reddit does have potential to really drive- traffic, votes, money, action- but a top comment in the failed Woody Harrelson Reddit AmA kind of explains the community’s ire when it comes to one-way interactions:

Mr. Harrelson/Mr. Harrelson’s PR agents:

You answered a total of 4 questions here today, and when I say “answered”, I mean that loosely. You have also embarassed Mr. Harrelson in the process. Please inform the rest of Hollywood that Reddit is not a publicity outlet and that Reddittors don’t tolerate this kind of crap.

edit: okay the final count for questions answered is 15 – it was 4 when i originally posted. if you want to read all of his half-assed comments, click on his account name.

A second thread was even spawned to discuss the failed Harrelson AMA, but it’s unclear whether the star will return to Reddit to win the community over.



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