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Published on February 4th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


HPV Vaccine Now Recommended For All Boys, CDC Says

HPV vaccine for boys

Back in 2006, the HPV vaccine emerged as a recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control to be an addition to the standard rotation of vaccines, meant to protect women from contracting certain strains of human papillomavirus and possibly resultant (and possibly deadly) cervical cancer.

Embarrassingly, the vaccine soon became controversial- not only among vaccine opponents, who believe that the use of vaccines can lead to a bevy of medical problems- but also among the evangelical right, many of whom felt a vaccine that could save their daughters from sexually transmitted death was a “license to have sex.” Which is somehow worse. Than death.

The fact that the vaccine was recommended for females could be harming rates of vaccine administration as- let’s face it- our society is still far more uncomfortable with women shagging than men. So a new recommendation by the CDC that the HPV vaccine be administered to all boys between the ages of 11 and 18 could be a boon for keeping humans from infecting each other with the definitely inconvenient and sometimes dangerous genital wart-causing human papillomavirus.

CBS explains why vaccinating against HPV is a great idea if the option is available to your child:

CDC epidemiologist Dr. Eileen Dunne told the New York Times that the move came because new data over the past two years showed the vaccine was “very effective” in preventing genital warts in men and women, as well as some cancers… At least 50 percent of sexually active men and women get infected with HPV at some point, but few develop symptoms or get sick, according to the CDC. Some infections lead to warts, cervical cancer and other cancers, including of the head and neck.

The changes announced regarding the HPV vaccine and boys were one of two made to vaccine recommendation, and the other concerned the Tdap vaccine and pregnancy.



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