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The Twitter Book Club, a unique idea from book publisher Penguin

When most people hear the words book club their first thought is of Oprah and her famous book club that made more than a few books hit the best sellers list; and while I am pretty sure that Penguin Books (@PenguinUSA) doesn’t foresee that happening it is using a rather unique way to promote its book lineup.

In an interesting move the book publisher is taking to Twitter by suggesting a new book title each month and encouraging its followers to tweet their thoughts about the book using the hashtag #readpenguin. Then at the end of the month Penguin will hold a Twitter chat along with the author of the book as the chat guest.

While it might be hard Penguin is also encouraging those taking part in the experiment to not tweet any spoilers to do with the book or by mentioning the end of the book.

They have already kicked off this month with the first title being “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown who will get together at the end of the month on Twitter with the readers for a discussion on their thoughts about the book and to answer any questions that they might have.

I have to admit that this is a really cool idea and it definitely show some innovative thinking from a traditional company looking to use social media in interesting ways.

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