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An animated explanation about how 736 pieces of personal data is collected every day [Video]

Sharing is the big thing on the web these days with everyone from Facebook to Twitter to Google collecting and storing data about you and your actions every single minute of every single day while you are the web.

However they aren’t the only ones collecting and storing your data while you surf or answer emails. For example Verizon holds onto your data for twelve months, AT&T does it 84 months, and T-Mobile and Sprint also do the same for varying time periods.

This retention caught the interest of graphic designer Michael Ringley who decided to put together an interesting animation tracking the life of a MMS (multi-media message) message, of which some 28,000 are sent every day.

The video also explains how your data has become a very profitable business.

Network from Michael Rigley on Vimeo.

via VentureBeat



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