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Published on January 14th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Meet Olly, The Web Connected Smelly Robot

Olly Web Connected Robot

In  Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World movies are provided as “feelies” in which the audience can experience the film through the use of sensory interactions based on touch, now a company is attempting to bring senses to the internet through smell thanks to a web connected “smelly robot” named Olly.

Connecting to a users web profile Olly can deliver different smells. For example a Tweet could deliver a perfume while a Facebook tag in a video might provide the smell of whisky or buttered popcorn.

Created by London and New York-based company Mint Foundry the basic premise of the robot is to provide a “scent” notification system for web alerts.

According to Mint Foundry the smelly robot can add scents to Twitter, Likes on Instragram, tags in Facebook and more.

Built as a compact white box the robot can be filled with various scents using removable spaces found on the back of the machine, that means different scents can be given to different notifications.

To use the program users download an app, sign in to their account and then add their social media accounts to the program where they are set to different scents.

Olly the Web Connected Smelly Robot isn’t available yet as Mint Foundry is still looking for financial backers.

Here’s a video of Olly in action:

Would you use a scent based internet notification system?



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