Life Smoking Pot In the Workplace Kills Job Motivation

Published on February 23rd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Marijuana Stifles Workplace Productivity [Most Obvious Study Ever]

Smoking Pot In the Workplace Kills Job Motivation

In what might potentially be the worse use of research money in the history of man a group of scientists have determined that smoking marijuana leads to decreased motivation at work.

While researchers were able to make that connection they still aren’t sure if smoking pot leads to a lack of motivation (it did for many people I knew in college) or if pot smokers were already a bit more chilled out to being with.

In some cases it’s believed that people turn to smoking pot because of their jobs which in turn means they were already unmotivated by their workplace.

Researcher Christer Hyggen tells Reuters:

“There’s a popular belief that people who smoke cannabis are slackers and that they don’t want to work.”

In answering the study’s questionnaire people who smoked marijuana also reported less dedication to work than non-smokers.

The study also found that people who quit smoking cannabis eventually increase their work commitment.

Do you think this study was a complete waste of money?



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