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Published on February 26th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Human Barbie Mom Giving Daughter More Plastic Surgery Gift Certificates For 8th Birthday

sarah burge poppy burge plastic surgery

That attention whoring lady from England who keeps trolloping up her grade schooler for the gossip rags over there to announce she’s purchased the kid some plastic surgery is at it again, causing one to wonder if there are no child welfare laws regarding exploiting a kid in this fashion, are there at least some for buying her truly horrifically boring gift certificates she can’t use for a whole decade?

51-year-old Sarah Burge- who is apparently an erotic novel writer- has been pulling the same “over the top birthday” crap with the British media for years, getting her over-Botoxed face in the news every time her daughter Poppy gets another year older. It made international news when Poppy last had a birthday, and her mum bought her thousands of pounds worth of vouchers for shit like liposuction for cellulite that doesn’t exist yet.

As someone who thinks plastic surgery is a worthwhile investment within reason for people who have a feature or two they want some help with, I still think it sends the wrong message to a kid when you expect they’ll need six figures worth of nips and tucks before they hit twenty. The elder Burge says:

“It’s ­empowering for [Poppy] to be able to take charge of the way she wants to look. She’ll be able to use the ­vouchers when she reaches 18. I’m going to keep buying them for her for Christmas and birthdays until then so she’ll have about £120,000 worth.”

Burge also slyly admits to baiting the media with her tales of vague child mistreatment and outlandish personal life:

“People are jealous of my success because I’m creative and fun. The plastic surgery sends them into a wild frenzy.”

Want to read more about Poppy Burge’s 8th birthday party bacchanalia? The Mirror has all the dirty deets.



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