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So How Does Your Cat See The World? Well Now We Know [Video]

We’re pretty use to hearing about scientists who attach all kinds of gizmos to all manner of animals in order to discover more about them and how they interact with the rest of their world.

We’ve even seen specially trained dogs with high definition cameras mounted on a small pack that the dogs wear which allows the military to get a heads up as to what they can expect in an unknown terrain ahead of them. As well we have seen police departments use them with their K9 dogs in order to help locate criminals.

When it comes to cats however we actually know very little about what our small furry friend does when he or she heads out into the great big wide world.

This was something that optical engineer Juergen Perthold wondered as well so he decided to find out the answer and to help him do that he custom made his own tiny camera that took continuous photographs of his cat, Mr. Lee’s, travels during the afternoon.

It turns out that Mr. Lee travels a lot further than anyone thought and that he had several cat friend out there. These were just some of the things Perthold found out from the images captured by his CatCam. Perthold has also posted many of the photos taken by his cat on HackADay and due to the popularity of them he has had more than a few people asking how they can get one of the cameras for their cat.

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