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Published on March 23rd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Parents Selling Girl Scout Cookies Sparks Outrage

girl scout cookie sales safety

Basically, however you choose to parent your kids is horrifically wrongly wrong, and the latest battle in kid-raising is waged upon one of America’s sacred cows: Girl Scout Cookies.

As a mom of a Girl Scout, I’m acutely aware of what this issue represents. On one hand, you’re a negligent parent if you let your kid go door-to-door shilling Samoas. But on the other hand, you’re a helicopter parent who will be wiping your child’s derrière until post-graduate school if you just give over and sell the damn things yourself. There is literally no correct approach to handling the Girl Scout Cookie quandary.

And then there’s the kid-related guilt- those order forms come with an array of tantalizing prizes to be achieved for selling a stupid amount of cookies. (Are we even allowed to feed kids cookies anymore? Didn’t Michelle Obama outlaw them in the “Force Feeding Your Child Quinoa and Sprouted Tofu Act of 2011?” >ducks<) Plus, there’s always one overachiever in the troop, a braces-bedecked Type A kid who managed to move 80 crates of Thin Mints despite not being able to cross the street unsupervised.

The controversy made it all the way to the New York Times, with many expressing annoyance that Girl Scouts can no longer really pound the pavement to earn their cookie sales. And it’s sad to say, but in this day and age (not that the world is unsafe, but it’s certainly not safe from the scorn of other parents), the whole cookie-selling tradition may need to be revised.

If we’re not gonna let our kids out to rollerblade without bubble wrap and two chaperones, we might as well quit pretending we’re going to let them knock on that creepy dude four houses down’s door to move a few units of Tagalongs. But like with all aspects of parenting, it kind of comes down to the “you first” thing- when my kids played outside, I always told them to come in when the second-to-last kid was still out. No one wants to be the maverick parent on the block and deal with the bus stop the next morning.

Do you think the tradition of selling Girl Scout Cookies needs to evolve to meet the new exacting standards of childhood safety?



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