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Published on March 25th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Eating Seaweed Toast Could Equal 30 Minutes on the Treadmill, Scientists Say

seaweed bread weight loss

While it’s not death by chocolate or a plate of fries with a gravy boat full of chipotle mayo, scientists have finally discovered a way that eating something can be the equivalent of exercising, or something like that.

Obesity (despite our rampant societal shame surrounding fat and fatness) continues to be a problem in a great many Western countries. And as the issue becomes more prevalent and diseases like type 2 diabetes more prolific, so too does research into finding ways people can “hack” their bodies into losing weight more efficiently or with minimal life disruption- and such research is how the seaweed toast discovery was made.

Studies on eighty men who were described as healthy but overweight at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK utilized a bread with seaweed baked into it on some research participants. (The Telegraph reports that the men in the study reported being unable to differentiate the seaweed-impregnated bread from standard bread, despite a lower sodium content, when it was presented during the study.) When the men were given the seaweed toast with a scrambled egg versus regular toast, the consumed 179 fewer calories over the course of the day.

To which we ask, “30 minutes on a boring-ass treadmill only burns 179 calories? F*ck that, I’m just skipping breakfast.” The study was supported by an organization called The Seaweed Foundation, and Dr. Craig Rose of that foundation said of the seaweed bread:

“It is not as salty as normal bread but you don’t notice any marine flavours and it is very acceptable. It is just like eating normal bread. It rises just the same and looks just the same. If it is white bread you might notice touch of green… It’s not a salty taste it is mineral because seaweed is very rich in all the minerals. It has far more minerals than any land plant. It tastes minerally and works flavour wise.”

In addition to seaweed toast and bread products, research is looking into sticking seaweed into pasta and other carby foods.



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