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Published on May 30th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Did You Lose A Bunch Of Weight? Your Friends Will Always See You As Fat [Study]

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Sorry ladies but that 15 pounds you dropped by eating nothing but lettuce for two weeks isn’t going to impress your friends. According to a new study once a female sheds weight after being obese she is viewed as still fat by anyone who saw her pre-weight shift.

To test the theory researchers had men and women read about women who had lost 70 pounds or remained at a stable weight and then about those who had been either obese or thing, they were then asked questions about each group.

Researchers found that participants were generally more biased against obese people after reading about their weight loss than they were after reading about women who remained at a stable weight, even if the stable women were already obese.

According to the study’s lead researcher:

“We were surprised to find that currently thin women were viewed differently depending on their weight history. Those who had been obese in the past were perceived as less attractive than those who had always been thin, despite having identical height and weight.”

So there you have it, once a fatty always a fatty, even if you are now thing.



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