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Published on May 25th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Obese British Teen Georgia Davis Reaches More Than 800 Lbs, Has to Be Cut From Home By Rescue Workers

georgia davis cut from home

An obese teenager who gained the unofficial title of Britain’s fattest teen had to be removed from her home through a demolished wall after she became immobilized by her massive weight gain and her organs began failing.

19-year-old Georgia Davis became notable internationally after she reached several hundred pounds by the middle of her teenage years, eating under the stress of losing her biological father and caring for her ill mother and stepfather. The teen saved money from television appearances and media interviews and paid for a stint in a US “fat camp,” losing a stunning amount of weight in the weeks she spent at the weight-loss center.

But after returning home to her caregiver role, Davis began eating again to cope, soon piling on far more weight than she’d been before her fat camp visit. And being unable to return to the states, her situation worsened, with neighbors estimating the teen weighed more than 800 lbs. when rescue workers in the dozens were forced to demolish a wall in her Wales home to rush her to the hospital Thursday.

Authorities became aware of Davis’ situation via Facebook, where friends reported a Wednesday update from the teen reading:

“I’m in bed but problem is can’t get up.”

Neighbors say that they had not seen the teen “for months” before the rescue.



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