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Published on March 28th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Octomom Poses Nude, Says Octuplets ‘So Lucky,’ and That She Gets No Credit


Octomom Nadya Suleman has resurfaced after running dangerously low on funds again, this time stripping off and doing an interview with British tabloid Closer to fund her baby addiction.

Suleman’s last major interview didn’t go so well, with the mom-of-fourteen saying she “hated” babies and that she regretting having her children. Octomom tried to retract the comments she’d made to an InTouch reporter, but a tape of the interview surfaced indicating she had indeed been quoted accurately.

As her California home is facing foreclosure again, Octomom is back in the headlines after stripping off for the Brit rag and making some more implausible claims. The multiples mom- who looks great for having had fourteen kids- says that her octuplets are lucky to have one another and that no one gives her credit for being such a great mom:

“I love looking after them, they’re the least of my stresses. I’m such a good mother… I’m so loving and my kids are so happy. There’s never been a time I’ve regretted having so many.”

Suleman continues:

“I can’t believe how fortunate they are, too. I’d love to be an octuplet – their camaraderie and bond is amazing. They look out for each other, they’re so lucky.”

You can read Octomom’s full interview (and see another naked pic) by clicking over to Closer.



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